About Us

The Durgadas Gyanchand Mehra Group

Since 1952, The Mehra Group has been a reliable and innovative partner for the textile industry. Over the decades, we have been a preferred processor for the textile value addition & conversion industry, a testimony of our high-quality standards. Today we are highly acclaimed producers of designs & finishes for fabric that enhance their visual appeal & value. Our Expansive range of design collections for fabric enables us to offer our customers over fifty thousand individual products, helping our customers achieve exclusivity in their sales.

Mantra for Success

Individual Products, progressive technology, the right equipment for your everyday product, impeccable service & many years of experience, are all the factors that have combined to engineer our success. As a result Suniti Prints today is not only a pioneer in value addition but is a highly regarded name in the industry, especially for delivering superior, individual solutions & as a long-term partner for the successful realization of the company’s goals.